Friday, October 24, 2008

Viable Online Distribution of Indie Films

A growing problem for Indie Film Makers is distribution. While reputable Indie Film Makers have it easier than amateurs (though not buy much) when it comes to attaining distribution, the entire concept of distribution is almost redefined every month. The ideal placement that most Film Makers aspire to is Theatrical, and to a lesser extent, DVD. The most widely used form of distribution today is the online world, sites like Youtube, iFIlm, and various other "user" based sites, all free, which hardly, if ever, provide a financial yield to the Film Makers. Recently, however, that has changed with Gigantic Releasing, an online website where Indie Film Makers have the chance to post their films.

Mark Lipsky, Gigantic's president stated: "The picture quality is far superior to most other streaming sites today, the ticket price is utterly affordable, and there will be absolutely no advertising to get in the way of the film-going experience. Gigantic is introducing a sweeping change to the way movies are distributed, and this is just the first step." adding "Unlike other emerging sites, we are not simply ad salesmen aggregating content nor are we repurposing old content. We're an actual film distribution company doing what distributors have always done. We seek out and acquire titles that we believe will be viable in the marketplace, we work tirelessly to market and promote those films and now, by enabling first-run national access, we will be dramatically expanding the market as well as reinvigorating the existing audience for independent fare."

The price for each film is $2.99 for unlimited 3-day online access. Gigantic also offers free content from the company's existing database of work.

This is an extremely wonderful new way for film makers of all kinds to gain the credibility and exposure they seek. If you're like me, you may find watching a film on your computer a little uncomfortable, but with the new stream rates and such compu/tv breakthroughs such as AppleTV or even an S Video cable, you can send the image to your television to enjoy a more "cinematic" experience. Gigantic is a company that we should all be watching closely, because they may very well be the future of distribution, and at the very lease; a part of it.

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