Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Meet The Smalls

Nobi Nakanishi writes: The Smalls is an online short film showcase - our goal is to connect talented filmmakers with companies looking for content, partners and collaborators, or just a solid base of admirers. Over the past two years, we have gained popularity with everyone from broadcasters, creative agencies, freelancers, artists and anyone remotely interested in short films.

The Smalls is an excellent opportunity for filmmakers at all levels to get their work seen (our previous competitions such as THE COMEDY SMALLS have garnered our participants excellent recognition and even television deals).

We are excited to announce to your members that we are now open to accept entries for our 2008 SMALLS AWARDS, celebrating all the talented filmmakers out there as well as the best short films. This year, we've thrown out themes and rules except for two: be five minutes long, and be shamefully good.


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