Friday, February 13, 2009

Survival vs. Success: A Life in Film

What do you want out of this industry?” is a very important question, and naturally we want to be successful in it. What constitutes that success? Is it continued employment and work in the world of mediocre films? Is it one film every three or four years that becomes a massive hit?

Those questions have no definite answers.

In the state of flux that the film community is in today, we find ourselves moving away from wanting that massive successful film (while still holding onto that hope) and towards the reality of survival. If we are to remain in this industry and this one alone, we must constantly find work. We must constantly struggle to survive as filmmakers. Some of us develop our production crew versatility; others pick up skills in the technological fields.

I am embarrassed to say that I am unable to articulate this the way I wished to, but its nothing more than a musing, which I had hoped to avoid on this blog.

But, as we ponder these questions, remember that its not simply enough to survive, you have to be worthy of survival… and so do your films.

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