Thursday, March 19, 2009

MIKEL WISLER gives some insight to Weatherlight

MIKEL WISLER gives some insight to Weatherlight

"Fresh off the successful participation in the 2009 Dam Short Film Festival, the Mikel J. Wisler short film, “Cold October,” is now gaining broader exposure. First of all, the short film will soon be available for sale on DVD through the Dam Short Film Festival website ( Those interested in buying the film will be able to select “Cold October” and up to 5 other short films to be put onto a DVD and mailed to them. The cost for individuals is $14, and for educational facilities it is $48. “Cold October” is now available on the Dam Short Film Festival website. To buy a copy, go to:

“Cold October” producers, Mikel J. Wisler and Andrew Gilbert, have also secured a contract for international sales representation through Ouat Media (which also represents their previous short film, “Cellar Door”). In the next weeks, all the paperwork should signed and handed over to Ouat Media, which will then seek to sell the short film to television and cable stations around the globe that buy short films to incorporate into their broadcasting line-up. They will also seek out other opportunities for sales to distributors that might make “Cold October” available for VOD (video on demand), download, or other DVD distribution.

In conjunction with this, the filmmakers behind "Cold October" are also holding a special web test screening of their newest short film, "Always Reaching." A new trailer for “Cold October” celebrating it’s recent exposures and the Dam Short Film DVD deal will be shown before the "Always Reaching" web-screening. Gilbert and Wisler have a group on Facebook (name of group: Always Reaching short film) for "Always Reahing." Members of the group are invited to send Wisler an e-mail asking to be part of the special test screening. They are added to the list of people allowed to see the film. Starting on March 20th (through April 20th), these people will be sent a secure link for viewing the film, and then will be asked to visit the "Always Reaching" IMDb title page ( and rate the film and comment on it as a means of providing the filmmakers with feedback and reactions to the short film.

For more information about the screening and to see trailers for both films, please visit the Runaway Pen Productions website:"

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