Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chris Thilk Dismisses that “Twitter effect”

Here’s my biggest problem with all the emphasis and analysis that’s been devoted to Twitter and its perceived impact on movie marketing efforts: It’s the very definition of missing the point. Any studio that’s now throwing someone full time at Twitter with nothing else is probably missing half of, if not more, of the conversation. I’m not just talking about blog monitoring here, I’m talking about Flixster. I’m talking about Facebook. I’m talking about the dozen other places that people can post their opinions about the movie they just saw. Don’t focus on Twitter – focus on the online conversation. Do your research, figure out where the buzz around a movie seems to be centered. Figure out a conversation strategy that’s based on that research. Don’t get blinded by Twitter. Keep your eyes open for the whole thing.
- Chris Thilk (Move Marketing Madness)

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