Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Weather Channel = Movie Channel?

I opened up my inbox and saw and saw an e-mail subject line that read “Weather Channel Adds Feature Films to Network Schedule”. I immediately clicked on the headline thinking iI would find a link to another brilliant parody from The Onion, or maybe a video from FunnyOrDie or College Humor. I was surprised to discover that the e-mail was not a joke, but an actual press release.

That’s right, The Weather Channel is going to start airing feature films, movies which are in some way weather themed, beginning with The Perfect Storm. Remember the days when you could turn on MTV and see music videos? Well it appears the days where you could tune into the Weather Channel for weather forcasts might be soon behind us as well. Not that I care that much. If I need a weather forcast, I’ll go online, or turn on my iPhone and open the Weather app (yes, there is an app for that too…). I think it’s more of the principal that bothers me, the idea of it all. And who is really going to tune to the Weather Channel to watch Misery? Really… - Peter Sciretta

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