Monday, May 25, 2009

I'll be right there, just let me find my shorts (films)


well, if you're Scottish....

Markets and Festivals Fund
This fund enables Scottish-based talent to attend international markets and festivals to promote themselves and/or their projects. Please check our Markets and Festivals fund for more information.

Film festivals and events
There are many film festivals both in the UK and around the world that you can submit your film to. Some are specifically for short films, others have a theme or a genre. Some have entry fees, other require nothing more than a tape to be sent. Some of the main festivals and events throughout the world are listed in our World Festivals page on this site. Pay close attention to the entry criteria and what the festival’s aims are to see if your film is a good fit.

For more information on festivals and events, the British Council has a comprehensive Directory of International Film and Video Festivals. Visit for this list.

List of sales agents and distributors
One way of getting your film to a wider audience is to engage a sales agent or distributor to promote and sell your film to TV and media companies around the world. Here are just a few:


Future Shorts

Cinema 16

Trigger Street

Brit Shorts

Shorts online
There are many online video sites which can host your video and show it to the world. This is a great way for you to reach a wide audience with your film, however, sales agents and festivals are less likely to be interested in a film that is freely available online.

Basically, we can learn from the Scots. Their model isn't all that different from our own at all. You've Got it Made is available to download here:

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