Friday, June 26, 2009

Kings of the past

If you have not seen the show "Kings" on NBC, chances are you never will. The brilliant series has unfortunately been cancelled. In my opinion it could have been the successor to "Battlestar Galactica" or "Carnivale" in terms of alternate universe dramas. I could (and will at a later date) get into a deep analyzation of the show and the politics behind it, but for the time being I came across a post on IMDb's message board that was written by a bitter fan after learning of the show's cancellation. It is not EXACTLY what my thoughts are on the matter, (as it happens to harp on a few shows that I admire) but it is in the same tone. So until i get a chance to devote time to a full breakdown, here is the post:

"I loved the show Kings, it had me on the edge of my seat throughout the show and most importantly I thought it was new and nice change from the same old cop or hospital drama that's always on.

The fact that this show got canceled so early tells me that we are headed towards another decade of the same old cop and hospital drama trash. CSI? Trash. Fringe? Trash. House? Trash. Law and Order? Trash. They all have the same plot EVERY EPISODE. If I wanted to watch a hospital drama I'd watch General Hospital where at least people can admit it's for old people with to much time during the day to do anything else. I read Sherlock Holmes, it was alright, I don't need the same who-done-it story modernized and told to me every single hour of the day. It's predictable garbage.

Even some new shows that try to stretch from the norm still go back to the same old plot in the end. Dexter showed good potential but in the end only about 50% of the show is about Dexter and the other 50% the same boring cop stories as the rest of television. People told me to check out Grey's Anatomy. In the end that shows just the same as the other hospital dramas with the odd joke followed by an awkward stare to make the audience laugh.

I had hoped NBC actually gave me something different with the show Kings, something rare like The Tudors (just about the only show still being made I can't wait to catch the next episode of), that's different from the same boring norm, but it's clear by this point that they're just going to try to spoon feed me the same crap as the last 10 years with new shows like Lie to Me and Southland WHICH HAVE THE SAME PLOT.

Even shows that once did have strong potential are now falling apart. Supernatural has gone all crazy religious, Psyche can't break out of it's mold since episode 1, The Unit is desperately trying to keep in ratings by adding in plot twists that just make the show impossible to keep up with anymore, The Simpsons and Family guy that use to be groundbreaking with new jokes just recycles their old ones, and American Idol doesn't have the razzle-dazzle is use to have (the knock offs aren't even worth talking about).

I saw Slumdog Millionaire in November when it was limited release and few had heard about it. When it went on to become one of the biggest hits of the year and win best picture I was confident that movies and movie watchers are headed in one of the best directions ever. I feel that TV is headed the exact opposite way. Is anybody else as pissed off about the bad direction TV is taking as I am? Stop watching tv? I love film, I love TV, it's a passion of mine. I'm not about to go pick up knitting as a new hobby.


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