Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nothing ever really dies as long as there are People to remember it...

Chris Thilk over at has pointed out a wonderful thing:

(from Chris T @ MMM) There’s a cool self-organized movement afoot called MobMov. Using the site – and being sure to get permission from property owners and others – people are able to organize what are being called “guerilla drive-in” experiences. Basically they find a movie, find a place to screen it and then organize people to the screening, which has the feeling of a drive-in/tailgate party mixture. Love this idea. Love it.


With hundreds of chapters across the globe, the Mobile Movie is bringing back the forgotten joy of the great American drive-in. Powered by cars and video projectors, "mobmovs" are easy and affordable to set up. Abandoned warehouse walls spring to life with the sights and sounds of a big screen movie. read more has been in operation since 2005, and is the earliest "revival drivein" of it's kind. In fact, the term "MobMov", short for Mobile Movie, was originally coined by Bryan Kennedy, the founder of, to describe the unique "drive-in that drives-in" method he developed.

Today, is powered by do-it-yourself'ers like you across the globe, all joined together in the goal to bring drive-ins back, in a new, sustainable way. It's free to join and lots of fun.

People used to think "Drive Ins" would die out; they were wrong. The power of community is a formidable one.

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