Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fios and the Social Media

from Open The Dialogue

"During a recent move, I bit the bullet and switched my cable and Internet provider over to Verizon’s FiOS. And while the 3 inch hole in my bedroom wall isn’t trendy, the cool new features that my TV gives me certainly is worth it. See I turned on my TV this last weekend and saw Twitter. And it wasn’t a story on the News about Chad Ochocinco’s latest tweet. Instead real tweets were appearing on my screen!

This is the type of social media interaction that I love to see pop up in the home. Not only could I see what was trending but I could see what other people were saying about the show I was watching. Plus I could log into Facebook, look at pictures and update my status for that my particular TV show. And while I cannot manually update anything or see my friends on Twitter, the foundation has been laid for great things to come.

What you may ask? Well if one of the goals of social media is to share views quickly and efficiently; bringing them into another screen is only going to expedite that process. This provides an excellent place for fans (and brands) to form a community around their favorite shows much in the same way that hashtags do already. If sense of community and interaction is a basic element in social media, then adding interaction to another screen shouldy increase social media’s usage away from the computer. We are already seeing how the mobile web is growing, could TV be another element?"

Would you use Twitter or Facebook if it was on your TV?

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